Development of Electrochemical Analyzer for Polymer-Coated Electrode

Hidenobu SHIROISHIa*, Sumio TOKITAb and Masao KANEKOa, §

aFaculty of Science, Ibaraki University
Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito, Ibaraki 310-8512, Japan
bFaculty of Engineering, Saitama University
Shimo-Ohkubo 255, Saitama, Saitama 338-8570, Japan

(Received: March 7, 2002; Accepted for publication: April 18, 2002; Published on Web: May 28, 2002)

A program, called PLEC-1, has been developed with Visual Basic to simulate and analyze the electrochemical measurement of a polymer-coated electrode with dispersed functional molecules. The program has two independent buffers for oxidant and reductant per one material and can concurrently treat seven materials and three chemical reactions of either first- or second-order. The user can not only experience virtual cyclic voltammetry and potential-step chronoamperometry but also analyze cyclic voltammograms by the Gauss-Newton method using the program. In PLEC-1, simultaneous partial differential equations are solved by the combination of Crank-Nicolson and iteration methods.

Keywords: Electrochemical analyzer, Polymer-coated electrode, Iterative Crank-Nicolson method, Cyclic voltammogram, PLEC-1

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