Visualizing of Pattern Recognition in Plural Chemical Sensors System

Tadayosi YOSHIMURAa*, Yoshihiro AOYAMAb and Akinori UEJIMAa

aDepartment of Chemistry & Biolog Engineering, Fukui National College of Technology
bDepartment of Electronics & Information Engineering, Fukui National College of Technology
Sabae, Fukui 916-8507, Japan

(Received: February 25, 2002; Accepted for publication: November 29, 2002; Published on Web: February 12, 2003)

The pattern recognition method is used as principal component (PC) analysis in chemistry research on plural sensors systems. The PC score pattern is found from the three-dimensional (3D) data. However, the effective graphical tool for displaying the 3D data is limited. This paper describes the usefulness of the stereo pair in 3D display of the PC data. The scatter diagram of the stereo pair, made by the Excel/VBA macro-program, is useful for the plotting with similar clusters.

Keywords: Chemometrics, Pattern Recognition, Principal Component Analysis Method, K-L Plot, Stereo Pair Scatter Diagram

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