Development and Popularization of E-Learning Chemistry Educational Resources in Japan


Department of Chemistry and Biology Engineering
Fukui National College of Technology, Geshi, Sabae, Fukui 916-8507, Japan

(Received: April 12, 2006; Accepted for publication: July 10, 2006; Published on Web: September 14, 2006)

In 1992, the Chemical Software Society of Japan (CSSJ) was organized in Japan, and a lot of chemistry CAI software were collected and distributed free to its members. In the world, there are several CAI developer groups, such as Project SERAPHIM. Numerous CAI software were provided by the Project and were distributed to the CSSJ members on request.
In 2002, the Society of Computer Chemistry, Japan (SCCJ) was established, expansively inheriting CSSJ. In the age of the Internet, CAI was renamed as e-learning, which became popular in schools. The media have changed from floppy diskettes into mobile phones. Most chemistry teachers are able to teach students with several e-learning methods. Development of e-learning resources in chemistry will be more and more important in chemical education in the future.

Keywords: CAI, Computer chemistry, E-learning resources in chemistry, Chemistry PC workshop

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