Study of the Effect of Pressure Splitting on the Mean Absorption Intensity using an NDIR Gas Analyzer


The Institute of Applied Analysis
500-82 Shiromeguri, Kamakura,Kanagawa, 247-0074, Japan

(Received: December 15, 2005; Accepted for publication: April 11, 2006; Published on Web: October 2, 2006)

In the infrared region, an expression for the mean absorption intensity has been obtained using the Elsasser model based only on the assumption of pressure broadening. Around atmospheric pressure, however, a better interpretation of the empirical results has been found by introducing a new effect of splitting due to the pressure of the degenerate vibrational-rotational levels.

Keywords: Mean absorption intensity, Two-body impact theory, Pressure splitting of degenerate vibrational -rotational levels, Effect of pressure splitting, Equivalent effective pressure, Elsasser model, Pressure broadening

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