Development of a Perfume Emission System via Internet

Tadayosi YOSHIMURA* and Yoshitaka SAKASHITA

Department of Chemistry and Biology Engineering, Fukui National College of Technology
Geshi-cho, Sabae, Fukui 916-8507, Japan

(Received: June 1, 2006; Accepted for publication: August 18, 2006; Published on Web: October 11, 2006)

Much information in today's information society goes through the Internet. On five senses smell information, DigiScent Inc. reported the development of the scent generator "iSmell" in 1999. But, it was never available and closed down in April 2001. We thought that the cause of the bankruptcy was smell blending. The smells are not blended in our policy. We developed a smell emitter which stored some element of the perfume. Ethanol and a cooling gel material were used in order to enable the emission of long term perfume. Using this device, we succeeded in transmitting/receiving the perfume mail. The result of this research indicates the future application of a smell emitter system via Internet.

Keywords: Internet, Perfume mail emitter, Cooling gel material, Ethanol, Perfume element

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