Development of MagSaki(A) Software for the Magnetic Analysis of Dinuclear High-spin Cobalt(II) Complexes Considering Anisotropy in Exchange Interaction


Department of Material and Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University
Kojirakawa 1-4-12, Yamagata 990-8560, Japan

(Received: December 7, 2006; Accepted for publication: February 16, 2007; Published on Web: April 10, 2007)

MagSaki(A) software was developed for the magnetic analysis of dinuclear high-spin cobalt(II) complexes. This software performs magnetic analysis to determine magnetic parameters using five types of theoretical susceptibility equations. A characteristic feature of the software is that the exchange interaction can be treated anisotropically whereas the previous MagSaki software treats the exchange interaction isotropically.

Keywords: Magnetic analysis, Dinuclear high-spin cobalt(II) complex, Anisotropic exchange interaction, MagSaki software series

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