Encoding Chemical Structural Data for Telecommunication(1).
Investigation on the Method of Encoding

Hidehiko Nakano*, Kazushige Yamana and Osamu Sangen

Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Himeji Institute of Technology,
Shosha 2167, Himeji 671-22, Japan

(Recieved : March 28, 1992)

We proposed a format for encoding chemical structural data including 2-dimensional coordinates, connection tables and auxiliary data for drawing chemical structures. This format named chemcode is defined independent of hardwares and softwares on which the chemical structure is built. We also developed programs to convert the structural data made by ChemDraw on Macintosh to chemcode and vice versa, and a program to draw chemical structure on CRT display of PC-9801(personal computer of NEC). Thus it was proved to communicate chemical structure between different computers.

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