Development of a Set of BASIC Subroutines for CAI

Yoshio HONMA

Niigata Women's Junior College

(Received: November 1, 1993; Accepted for publication: March 3, 1994)

Graphics function of a computer has great ability to give information of good quality. Visual techniniques in computer-aided instruction (CAI) are useful especially in chemical education.
The author developed some BASIC subroutine programs to display many figures useful to teach chemistry: two-dimensional graphs, three-dimensional graphs, visible spectra, molecular models, organic conceptual diagrams and free drawings with a mouse. The users of the subroutines are able to write their own CAI programs easily.
The data files (in CSV format) for the figures can be created with an editor, or in part a program for making files from the graphs in literatures through an image-scanner and a mouse.

Keywords: CAI, BASIC, Subroutine, 2-D graph, 3-D graph, Visible spectrum, Organic conceptual diagram, Graphic tool

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