Clear Printings of Chemical Formulas and Pictograms by TEX Commands

Masahiro IWATA*1 and Toshihisa YOSHIDA*2

*1 Kounosu Girls High School, 1-1-72 Kounosu, Saitama 365, Japan
*2 Faculty of Education, Saitama University, 255 Shimoohkubo Urawa 338, Japan

(Received: February 4, 1994; Accepted for publication: March 7, 1994)

In TEX , a computerized type setting system, the TEX macro commands were made and defined in order to print out any symbols that might be needed in chemistry. When a document has to be made by TEX , the pictograms, such as structural formulas for chemical compounds, tools for chemical experiments and so on , the periodic tables, Bohr's models of hydrogenlike atoms and hazardous labels for chemical compounds, are able to be inserted easily in the document by these TEX commands.

Keywords: TEX, Pictogram, Structural formula, Experimantal instruments

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