Development of A File Conversion Program for Chemical Structure Data: MOLCONV

Ken-ichi HAYAMI

Department of Electronics,
Sendai National College of Technology
Kitahara-1, Kami-ayashi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 989-31 Japan

(Recieved : April 3, 1995; Accepted for publication : December 21, 1995)

A file conversion program for data formats of molecular structures in chemistry MOLCONV was renewed. The aim of MOLCONV is applied in dealing with various data formats with flexibility. A macro-language and its interpreter for file conversion procedures are employed for this purpose. The new MOLCONV was provided with only conversion function for an independent program, at first. The old was one of the applications, which consisted of structure input, display, etc., for chemistry. Secondly, in addition to the conventional way of step by step depending on menu selection, the way of a command line procedure was adopted in the new program. At last the interpreter was fortified. This paper presents the concept of MOLCONV and the modified MOLCONV.

Keywords: File conversion program, Data format for chemical structures, Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS

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