A Trial of a New Lecture System Corresponding to the Era of Network

Hisao SUZUKI, Shunji ISAWA, Shigeko OZAKI and Takayuki YANO

Laboratory of Chemistry, Hitotsubashi University
186 Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

(Received : March 25, 1997 ; Accepted for publication : May 15, 1997)

An experimental system was designed to support students for self-paced and self-directed curriculumn learning. It is a client-server system based on WWW combined with news and mail systems. It is able to deal with multimedia teaching materials like text data and image data. An open corner for questions and answers and a private communication route are provided through a browser interface in order to provide an interaction between students and teachers. An auto-examination system to test the student's accomplishment is also included. The use situation by the student can always be monitored by the teacher. For the student, the educational system has the advantage that any part of the course can be learned at anytime without restriction by a time-table. The system is suitable for a preliminary or a supplementary course for student who are short of basic academic ability.

Keyword: WWW, Science education, On-line education

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