Development and the Use of Chemistry Teaching Video Materials by Internet Browser

Noboru ASHIDA1, Yoshihiro AOYAMA1, Tadayosi YOSHIMURA2* and Brian T. NEWBOLD3

1Department of Electronics and Information Engineering
2Department of Chemistry and Biology Engineering
*E-mail :
Fukui National College of Technology, Geshi, Sabae, Fukui 916, Japan
3Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Universite de Moncton, Moncton, NB, Canada, E1A 3E9

(Received: July 14, 1997; Accepted for publication: September 9, 1997 ; Published on Web : November 6, 1997)

We have developed multimedia type chemistry CAL software by Netscape Navigator browser. We have converted CAL software, made by ExpandBook form, into HTML form, whose theme is for physical chemistry experiments. Multimedia type chemistry CAL material with video movie really helps students to visualize chemistry operations in practical experiments. Anyone can make a teaching document by HTML language easily if one memorizes a procedure. When we tried the intranet use of CAL software in a remote place (separate room) and video movies of CAL, it produced smooth movement and was useful for the learning student.

Key words: HTML type CAL Software, Video Movie, Chemical Experiment

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