Automatic Measuring System for Hydrogen Ion Concentration in Rainfall

Takashi TANAKA

Department of Material and Environmental Engineering, Hakodate National College of Technology
Tokuracho,Hakodate,042 Japan ()

(Received : July 31, 1997 ; Accepted for publication : November 4, 1997 ; Published on Web : February 17, 1998)

Automatic analyzers for rainfall and Automatic water sampling apparatus areusually used as monitoring systems for acid rain. Instead of these apparatus, a simple system which measurs hydrogen ion concentration and electric conductivityin rainfall was devised by using a personal computer. This system consists ofpH meter, electric conductivity meter, automatic level controller and personalcomputer. This paper showes that the system was able to usefully measure hydro-genion concentration in rainfall.

Key words: Chemical instrument, Acid rain

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