Development of 'KINE', a New Software for Time Course Analysis


Department of Material and Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University,
Kojirakawa 1-4-12, Yamagata 990-8560, Japan

(Received: February 26, 1999 ; Accepted for publication: June 8, 1999 ; Published on Web: August 13 , 1999)

A new software, which is named 'KINE', was developed for the time course analysis of chemical reactions. It runs on the Macintosh computer (system 7 or higher). It calculates the time courses for 25 kinds of reactions containing side reactions such as parallel and sequential reactions (Table 1). Deviations of the data obtained by KINE from theoretical values were within 1% (Figures 1, 2). KINE also obtains the rate constants automatically, and errors in the constants were within 2% (Figures 1 - 3). As an example use of KINE, the kinetics of aminopeptidase reaction by a synthetic aminopeptidase mimic were analyzed (Figures 4, 5). Time courses were well simulated (example in Figure 6), and rate constants were determined.

Keywords: Chemical reaction, Kinetics, Time course, KINE, Data analysis

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