Chemical Reaction Observed with "Computer Microscope"
-Reaction of Water and Carbon Dioxide-

Akira IKUO*, Tomomi ICHIKAWA and Shousuke TERATANI

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University,
4-1-1 Nukuikita-machi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8501

(Received: May 30, 1997 ; Accepted for publication: October 15, 1999 ; Published on Web: October 29, 1999)

In the reaction of hydration of carbon dioxide, a carbon dioxide molecule reacts favorably with the water-dimer (2) than the water-monomer (1). The results of semi-empirical calculation using MOPAC agree with the results of the ab initio calculation reported previously (Figure 6). The present reaction system is visualized by the computer-graphics animation based on the results of the MOPAC calculation.

Keywords: Computer-graphics animation, MOPAC, Hydration of carbon dioxide

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