Technical report

Display of Molecular Dynamics Simulation Results by MXDORTO with Web Browser
- Interactive and Simple Display Program with GUI -

Yutaka OKAMOTO, Toshihiko SAKAI* and Tsuneo SEKIZAWA

Nagaoka National College of Technology
888 Nishikatakai, Nagaoka 940-8532, Japan

(Received: September 4, 2000; Accepted for publication: October 17, 2000; Published on Web: February 16, 2001)

The program with GUI was made for generating the VRML file from the simulation results by MXDORTO in order to display the molecular structure independent on the platform. The generated VRML file is displayable by using the Web browser and the plug-in software not only on Windows but also on Macintosh and on the Unix machine. The viewpoint of displayed molecular structure can be freely changed by using the function of the Web browser and the plug-in software.

Keywords: MXDORTO, VRML, Web Browser, Visual Basic, Molecular Dynamics Simulation

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