Visualization of Electrochemical Behavior under Finite Conditions using JAVA and its Application for Assisted Learning

Hidenobu SHIROISHIa*, Tomoyo NOMURAa, Kazunori ISHIKAWAa, Sumio TOKITAb and Masao KANEKOa, §

aFaculty of Science, Ibaraki University
Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito, Ibaraki 310-8512, Japan
bFaculty of Engineering, Saitama University
Urawa, Saitama 338-8570, Japan

(Received: January 29, 2001; Accepted for publication: February 28, 2001; Published on Web: March 24, 2001)

Electrochemical measurements in a three electrode system under finite conditions, e.g., at an electrode coated with a polymer film incorporating functional molecules have been simulated using a program written in the JAVA language. The simulation with or without a catalytic reaction by the functional molecules has been performed using the program. The shape of a cyclic voltammogram under finite conditions is different from that under infinite conditions applied to ordinary solution electrochemistry. The fraction of the functional molecules that accepted charges (RCT) has been calculated by integrating a concentration distribution. The current under finite conditions in a potential-step measurement deviated from that under infinite conditions above RCT 0.5. The program was introduced to a document on the electrochemistry written in HTML. It can be used by many students in an electrochemistry class without heavy loads on the server computer.

Keywords: Electrochemical measurements, Cyclic voltammogram, Charge propagation, Polymer-coated electrode, Finite condition, JAVA, Education

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