Convenient Tools Based on a Database Management System for Monitoring Student's Progress in a Self-Learning System Supported by WWW

Yuki KAMATA, Hiroaki TANAKA and Takayuki YANO*

Laboratory of Chemistry, Hitotsubashi University
186-8601 Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

(Received: January 13, 2001; Accepted for publication: March 12, 2001; Published on Web: April 16, 2001)

A self-learning system on the computer network is appropriate for supplementary learning since it is free from restrictions of time and space. Therefore, we have developed a self-learning system complementing regular lectures in order to help the student who wants to catch up with others by self-learning in science. For such a learning system it would be more effective to set up monitoring functions for the student's learning situations. Recently we devised such monitoring tools based on a database management system, "PostgreSQL", and implanted them in our learning system. The monitoring tools are classified into the following categories:
A: analysis of access-log to each teaching material,
B: individual records of learning progress and frequency of access etc.,
C: analysis of homepage examination and of questionnaire.
These tools are assembled into a homepage for managing purposes. So a teacher is able to know easily the latest information about the student's learning situations by watching the homepage which is visualized graphically as much as possible.

Keywords: Interactive education system, WWW, Science education, PostgreSQL

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