Development of a Computer-Aided-Education System of Polyhedra

Yukiko MARUYAMA* and Haruo HOSOYA

Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Ochanomizu University
2-1-1, Otsuka,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112-8610, Japan

(Received: October 22, 2001; Accepted for publication: November 14, 2001; Published on Web: March 6, 2002)

A computer-aided-education system available on the World Wide Web (WWW) for studying polyhedra was developed. The system has the following characteristics: easy operation by the use of a mouse and ample menu icons, and potential transferability for extension and development in various fields, such as mathematics, chemistry, architecture, and industrial design. Suggested examples of the usage of this system are given.

Keywords: CAI, Polyhedra, WWW, Java

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