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History & Aim

We began operation in 1982 as a clearinghouse for instructional microcomputer information in chemistry, Japanese Association of Personal Computer for Chemists. We reorganized it to the Chemical Software Society of Japan (CSSJ) in 1992. Prof. Shimozawa is the president. An official bulletin of the Society is published four times per year, and The Journal of Chemical Software, which is a journal of original papers, is published periodically. It provides an international forum for the rapid publication of original scientific papers dealing with chemical software in its broadcast sense. As such, it is aimed at scientists working in this field, not only in chemistry itself, but also in biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, and in other areas of research in which the approaches used in chemical software are now applied. Our activities are computer software communications in chemical research and education. We have been collecting and distributing a lot of chemical softwares free to our members.


Become a member of the Chemical Software Society of Japan and take an active part in helping to continue the work which we are doing; maintaining a clearinghouse of affordable software, doing research and development of computer programs for chemists and chemistry teachers. Your membership fee of 5,000yen/year(Japanese) or US$50/year(foreign) will support these efforts and will bring you regular issues of our Society Journal and a new annual software catalog book.


Prepayment is required. Checks should be made payable to the CSSJ. We will ship to the address listed below, unless informed otherwise.

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Office Address

The Chemical Software Society of Japan
Dr. Tadayosi Yoshimura, Director
Department of Chemistry & Biology Engineering,
Fukui National College of Technology,
Geshi-cho, Sabae, Fukui 916, Japan

(Tel)081-778-62-1111 (Fax)081-778-62-1108
E-mail address:

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