A Computer Program for Analysis of Heat and Sweat Transport Processing among Clothes

Toshihide Ishikawa* and Soichi Otsuki

Government Industrial Research Institute, Osaka
Midorigaoka 1-8-31,Ikeda, Osaka, 563 JAPAN

(Recieved: June 24, 1992, Accepted: December 4,1992)

Utility program for analysis of heat and sweat transporting process of clothes has been developed. Outline of this program is that (1)automatic correction of the data from original humidity sensors. (2)data aquisition of three kinds of sensors(three temperatures and humidities, and one heat flux) and (3)data processing for the above data: for example, the characteristic of clothes can be extracted by applying the non-linear least squares curve fitting for the humidity data.

Keywords: Data Acquisition from Sensors, Data Cutting, Non-linear Least squared method

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