Introduction of Physicochemical Properties Termed Stickiness and Pseudostickiness to Quantification of Macromolecule-interaction and Its Application to The Analysis of Lambda Genome DNA

Koichi NISHIGAKI*,*1,2 and Yoshito SAKUMA*1

*1Department of Environmental Chemistry and
*2Department of Functional Materials Science,
Saitama University, 255 Shimo-okubo, Urawa, Saitama 338, Japan

(Recieved : September 20, 1994; Accepted for publication : November 21, 1994)

A new quantity, stickiness, was proposed that enables us to deal quantitatively with interactions between a macromolecule (e.g., DNA) and a ligand (e.g., oligonucleotide) and gives an image of global/local effects in molecular interactions. Pseudostickiness, its manageable version based on binding constant, was calculated and applied to an analysis of lambda DNA sequence, revealing some characteristics of the lambda genome. The utility of stickiness in understanding specific interactions of biomolecules is also discussed.

Keywords: Stickiness, Macromolecule-interaction, Oligonucleotide, Lambda phage DNA, Local structure

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