Crystal Structures of Lipids by the Intermolecular Energy Calculation

Yoshiro NAKATA, Toshiharu TAKIZAWA, Sadato YABUKI and Mitsuhiro HIRAI

Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University
4-2 Aramaki-machi, Maebashi 371

(Recieved : December 16 , 1995; Accepted for publication : April 3 , 1996)

A Lipid-Membrane Modeling System involving intermolecular energy calculation has been developed, and applied for prediction of crystal structures of lipids. In the case of two kinds of lipid molecules, the obtained structure parameters for the crystals are in good agreement with the values previously reported using single crystal analyses.

Key word; Membrane, Lipid, Molecular modeling, Molecular mechanics

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