Visualization of Atomic Orbitals of the Hydrogen Atom

Sumio TOKITA*1, Tomohiro WATANABE*1, Fuyuko KIDO*2, Hitoshi MAEKAWA*1, and John T. SHIMOZAWA*3

*1 Faculty of Engineering,*3 Faculty of Science, Saitama University
255 Shimo-Ohkubo, Urawa, Saitama, 338 JAPAN
*2 Faculty of Liberal Arts, University of the Air
4-1-1 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154 JAPAN

(Recieved :January 9, 1996 ; Accepted for publication :March 26, 1996)

It is difficult for us to imagine the three-dimensional appearance of atomic orbitals from the formulae of the solution of Schroedinger wave equation . In this paper, we would like to report the visualization of three-dimensional contour surfaces of a series of hydrogen atomic orbital functions using a software called AVS (Application Visualization System) on an EGWS ( Engineering Graphic Workstation ), IRIS INDIGO XS24 or TITAN 3000. From these drawings, the relationship between the number of lobes and nodes of atomic orbitals was derived .

Keywords; Atomic orbital, Hydrogen atom, Schroedinger's wave equation, Lobe, Node

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