Development of a CAI Program Utilizing Spreadsheet Data Files and a Collection of Data

Yoshio HONMA

Niigata Women's Junior College
471 Ebigase, Niigata, 950 Japan
E-mail :

(Received : December 24, 1996 ; Accepted for publication : June 20, 1997)

SSCAI, a BASIC program for CAI utilizing spreadsheet data files, was developed. The program enables the users to browse or search spreadsheet data files easily, and to draw two-dimensional graphs (see Fig. 5-7) or three-dimensional graphs (Fig. 4) from numerical data. Regression analysis (see Fig. 6), spline interpolation (Fig. 7) and multiple regression analysis (Fig. 8) can be conducted, too. Furthermore, for the purpose of chemical education, if appropriate types of data files are available, molecular graphics, visible spectra, or organic conceptual diagrams can be shown on a display (see Fig. 3 and 9) .
The users can practice CAI in a classroom with their own data and/or the collection of data files attached to the program, which includes data on properties of chemical elements, molecules of odours, agricultural chemicals, drugs and others.
The program and the data files can be obtained free of charge from the software library of the Chemical Software Society of Japan, the NIFTY-Serve Bulletin Board System, or the Web at

Keywords: Spreadsheet, CAI, BASIC, 2-D graph, 3-D graph, Molecular structure, Visible spectrum, Organic conceptual diagram, Database

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