Determination of Ammonium Nitrate in Dynamite without Separation by Multivariate Analysis Using X-ray Diffractometer

Toshiyuki MITSUI* and Motoyasu SATOH

Criminal Science Laboratory, Aichi Police H.Q.,
2-1-1, Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, 460 Japan
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(Received : May 23, 1997 ; Accepted for publication : July 30, 1997)

We investigated the application of an X-ray diffraction method to determine ammonium nitrate in dynamite more simply and accurately without a separation procedure. In this method, organonitro compounds were removed from the sample using diethyl ether for safety, and the residue was dried. Next, the sample was directly measured by the X-ray diffraction method. The determination of ammonium nitrate content was calculated by multivariate analysis such as cluster analysis and principal component analysis. The calculated values were in fair agreement with theoretical values.

Keywords:Ammonium nitrate in dynamite, X-ray diffraction method, Principal component analysis

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