A Trial of a New Lecture System Corresponding to the Era of Network (2)
A Utilization of Java for an Interactive Teaching Aid System

Yuichiro KIRIYAMAa, Hisao SUZUKIa, Shigeko OZAKIa, Takayuki YANOa*, Nozomu UEDAb

aLaboratory of Chemistry, Hitotsubashi University, 186-8601 Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan
bLaboratory of Physics, Hitotsubashi University, 186-8601 Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

(Received : February 26, 1997 ; Accepted for publication : March 18, 1998 ; Published on Web : December 3, 1998)

We have equipped a teaching aid system with interactive teaching materials using Java. These materials are provided on a World Wide Web (WWW) client server system, and they will stimulate positive participation of students in the course of study for various clients. These materials have attractive features, such as easily manageable human interface and virtual reality. The teaching aid system can give students not only knowledge about natural sciences but also a way of choosing among associated items for study according to their achievement and/or interest. The system has been designed so as to complement a supplementary lecture for backward students in our university. As a matter of course, identification of students and their access records are automatically carried out. A communication channel between students and teachers is also provided. In these points, the system is sufficiently suitable for supplementary education for science lectures in a non-science oriented university. As a result, it may lighten the extra burden imposed on teachers. Some teaching materials are open to the public (http://sciwww.misc.hit-u.ac.jp:8888/).

Keywords: Java, Science education, WWW

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