Visualization of Electrochemical Measurements under Finite Conditions using JAVA and Its Application for Assisted Learning (2)

Hidenobu SHIROISHIa*, Toshifumi SHOJIa, Tomoyo NOMURAa, Sumio TOKITAb and Masao KANEKOa,§

aFaculty of Science, Ibaraki University
Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito, Ibaraki 310-8512, Japan
bFaculty of Engineering, Saitama University
Shimo-Ohkubo 255, Saitama, Saitama 338-8570, Japan

(Received: July 23, 2001; Accepted for publication: October 29, 2001; Published on Web: February 6, 2002)

A program written in JAVA language was developed for the virtual electrochemical measurement of a modified electrode with a finite diffusion thickness, e.g., an electrode coated with polymer film in which functional molecules were dispersed. This program, called ES-2, can simulate cyclic voltammetry and potential-step chronoamperospectrometry by considering the rate of charge injection from the electrode to the functional molecule and the diffusion of charge. The results are shown by a voltammogram (I-V curve), and concentration distribution in the layer at a series of voltages at cyclic voltammogram mode, I-t curve, and time dependence of concentration distribution in the layer at potential step mode and a text of current values, the fraction of the oxidized molecules (RCT) and parameters used for the simulation in both modes. A dynamic textbook of electrochemistry can be constructed by this program combined with HTML text.

Keywords: Finite differential method, Electrochemical measurements, Cyclic voltammogram, Polymer-coated electrode, JAVA, Education

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